I am loving these shots, so hawwwwt😍 You look resplendent in this red outfit! I don’t hate V-day, But I don’t celebrate it either!

oh wow! Such a stunning dress! I really love it! Nice photos!

The red is DYNAMIC, I love it! it is so very Perfect for the season.

OMG I love red and everything you are wearing from your hat to your outfit totally rocks! it truly is art!

What a stunning outfit and photoshoot! It is nice to channel your passions into photography and style.

You look great in red. I was always told that it is my color as well but I don’t know that I could pull this outfit off although I may give it a try if I am feeling extra bold on Valentines Day.

Love this look! It’s sexy yet sophisticated. The perfect style for Valentine’s Day, even if you hate it.

You do look good in red and I’m glad you are able to take back your power from whatever happened that made you associate unpleasant feelings with that day and make it into amazing art! This is amazing, inspiring and defo continue to have all the fun with it!