Ivan Flippy and Michelle | Michigan Family Photographer

I’m not as open about being a family photographer as I am being a fashion photographer. It’s strange to even think that, but thinking back each family photographer session is different.

I would definitely call myself a longtime fan of Flippy and Michelle. I’ve been photographing them since Flippy’s 21st birthday party.. which is where I first met them.

I’ve always known Flippy and Michelle to both be adventurous beings, but I didn’t know the full extent until the birth of Ivan. See what happens when two adventurously wild souls.. create a family photographer’s dream session.

Disclaimer: No kids were harmed in the photographing of this session.

Look at him, proud and unharmed. Yeah, I’m a fan!

Is your little one an adventurer? Well then you need a Family Photographer!

You can always count on me to catch that great shot

About This Session

Family Portrait Session |  Location: Lansing, Michigan. Shot with Canon T5i and 85mm 

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  1. I am totally loving the beautiful photos above and what a wonderful shoot you got with them and what amazing pictures too. The little guy is a ham and what a gorgoues family. Beautiful job 🙂

  2. they looked like that had the MOST fun! I love how you caught more candids and it really reflected how happy and close they are as a family and the little toddler is so cute and adventurous lol.

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