Amar’s Graduation- Chicago Graduation Photoshoot




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Okay, this is without a doubt one of the coolest graduation photoshoot sessions I’ve done in a long time. I love, love, love the location — formerly known as the Osaka Gardens in Chicago. What made it cool wasn’t even the location, even though it’s the perfect spot for a graduation photoshoot. What made it so awesome was Amar! He’s a rad graduate!! Check it out.

Amar’s Graduation // Chicago Graduation Photoshoot

He asked his mother to jump in a few shots and that made me proud. Not a lot of kids want their mom in their graduation photoshoot, but he asked for it.

That’s the smile of black excellence!! Here comes my favorite part. Every graduation photoshoot needs a moment like this.

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This session was photographed at the garden of phoenix in Chicago.

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  1. Nice photography the photos look so lively . You make their family to cherish this kind of achievements.

  2. There’s some great photos there, I bet his mom will look back on these & be so happy they had some shots together. It’s crazy that it’s his graduation, they both look so young! Is it high school?

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