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Ascension | Chapter One.

Angel On Wheels | Jasemine Denise

I struggle to form a sentence
As the words “I’m good!” dripped out of my mouth
Barely making it past my teeth
Had I known this was my last statement
I would have attempted to put it more eloquently
The world as I knew it was slowly faded to black
As I fell into an infinite slumber!

Welcome to the Dream
Mod Sun, Did I Ever Wake Up?

Photographer's Note:

These images were taken by Ushiko Garcia Photography, who graciously released the RAWs to me so I could edit them to match my own brand's style. I do offer RAW sessions to photographers, where you pay for the session rate and can take the RAWs home with you. Click the button below to book a session and remember to include that you want a RAW session in the booking note.

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I, Jasemine Denise, was 29 years old when I was called an angel for the first time. In my mind, I immediately began to explain I’m not an angel. I’ve done so many crazy things in my life that Jasemine Denise Photography was merely a chapter in a book I hadn’t written yet. For weeks, I was persistent in my pursuit to explain that I’m no angel. Don’t Call Me Angel had somehow become my theme song. Of course, like anyone else.. I wanted to be an angel. Yet, I didn’t feel the energy. The ascension begins..

The Queen behind Ushiko Garcia Photography had been a client of mine for literally the course of my career. She’d been reaching out on Facebook and sharing with me the new installments to her business. She announced via her Facebook page that she was getting a huge pair of wings for her studio.. Dropping teasers throughout her social media, something in me said “I want this..” and I’ll be honest.. my eyebrow lifted at myself.

We’re talking white, big huge wings.. Angel energy at its height. While modeling had been in my mind, swimming around my other ambitions.. I hadn’t really reached out to too many photographers and asked to work.. I wanted concepts, I wanted story, I wanted life breathed into me. Immediately I set to work on my idea..

My height of confidence in one sentence is: Jasemine Denise on wheels. On skates, I can glide, but most importantly I’m focused on my own movements.. My balance.. anything other than anyone around me. I was scrolling Amazon when I laid eyes on these skates.. Without a question of doubt, I reached out and had the shoot booked that day. Heads up: These skates are not outdoor skates. They may be advertised as such but I can promise you, I can’t glide concrete with these wheels.. So if You to get them, please replace the wheels stat.

I picked the location, a rooftop in a parking garage. Immediately, I felt any fear of any camera slip out from under me. When it comes to booking a photographer, you’re trusting them to see your vision while you let it play out. In my mind, I didn’t want this to be glamorous, I wanted to be the angel in my own mind.

Once I got into my groove, gone was the Jasemine Denise blanket of recovery, healing, and fear.. All that was there was this floating entity. Just like that, the angel in me jumped out. “Wait, wait.” I demanded in a voice that was hardly my own. I skated the lovely photographer over to a ledge, and slowly drifted onto my knees.. With one deep breath, my body felt as though it’d lifted itself. Suddenly, I felt like art personified…

The Moral Of This Story:

With the help of my friend and my music, I became exactly what I was so sure I could never be. The moral of the story is that simple, which is why this ascension series I’m planning on building with other photographers is so sweet to me. People can see who you are even when you can’t. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s all a part of who you are and how you interact with the universe.. As trauma builds and bends, you lose sight of that being. To be pulled down by pain is to sink below your own clouds and be swept up by fog. Each drop is punctuated by this disconnection to elements that bring you closer to yourself and the universe.

If I could put my finger on the duality that was built in this session.. it was finding my relationship with balance again in order to really feel the wind. Angels float, and without the weight of all of the problems that tether us to this world.. It was almost effortless finding myself embodying the word angel.. Something I never saw in myself. I’m extremely happy that I didn’t stop searching and that there is a beautiful soul in my life to say “When I look at you, this is what I see…” because if it wasn’t for connections like that, we’d be too susceptible to allowing ourselves to forget every element of who we are.. To completely disconnect.. That concept is what we all identify as “finding peace,” but really peace is seeing all those elements and knowing that inside of yourself, you can reach any single one on any given day… You don’t even have to close your eyes.. all you have to do is be present and learn that you.. are a present. To this earth, to those around you, and most importantly to yourself.

They say angels show up in your dreams.. Congratulations and welcome to the dream.

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  1. What fabulous photo shoot and enjoyed your story 😉 Love all of the amazing pictures and you are fabulous! Loved this and appreciate you sharing 😉

  2. So unique and bold..I love your aesthetic and energy with these photos…truly such an artistic photoshoot!

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