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A 90s baby with a love of 80s fashion, portrait photography, classic rock, hip hop and writing. As a photo blogger, each element of the blog is meant to feel like a well-organized playlist.. Something you'll always have to remember the moments you may never forget.

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Every year, Gabbie and Raymond have a couple’s photoshoot session and it is without a doubt one of my favorite things. Gabbie always ends up getting so flustered by seeing Raymond looking into her eyes that she ends up getting nervous. It never fails. Raymond always comforts her by bringing her into the world that is theirs, and I get to witness and show you every second of it.

These two are officially married, and every year I watch them fall more and more hopelessly in love with each other. That’s what makes long time couple’s photoshoot fans so much fun.

Fun Fact: Yesterday was actually Gabbie’s birthday! <3

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Ahh yay!! Don’t worry, due to CoVid restrictions, the photographer maintains a 6 foot distance from all couples and clients. However, you can still book a session! Just click the button below!

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