Josh and Vera // Engagement Photoshoot | Downtown Chicago

Over the past few years, Josh and Vera have become one of my favorite couples.. I’ve become a lifetime fan of them both separately and together. Vera and I had our first session together for her senior portraits.. From there, she became one of my most modest and creative models! Never could I ever have imagined I’d see the day we’d be shooting her engagement photoshoot in downtown Chicago.

Josh on the other hand, I’d met when Vera had brought him to a boudoir session. He immediately struck me with his personality and charisma and ultimately not only became one of Jasemine Denise Photography’s biggest hype men, but also one of my greatest friends. Without Josh, I would’ve never fallen in love with Sense8, The Boys, or just learning to allow myself days off.

Together, they are one of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever met. They have their moments but ultimately taught me what it means to truly make things work. I’m ecstatic for their eventual wedding day.

To this day, this is one of my favorite engagement photoshoot sessions of all time.

Bonus Track: I was also there for the surprise engagement!

Do you want an engagement photoshoot?

I love, love love shooting moments of love!!

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