Oh haaaayyy!

No seriously, it's a party now that you're here.

So to start you off, I was raised by a village of ancestors, went to school and earned my title as CEO of Jasemine Denise Photography LLC by getting a total of 15 Certifications in management, marketing, business and copy writing.

I write novels, particularly supernatural fiction and urban fiction when I'm not out with my tribe floating around the universe. As a photographer, I learned by watching all the coolest kids on MySpace grow up to become my friends. Now I'm here to bring you in so the next time you step into an event and see me.. You're ready.

Fun Fact: I was homeschooled for roughly six months, and that is where I learned how to make the magic come to life.

Where'd i come from?

My family is all over the place and it's a party every time we get together. We're all laughing, dancing and singing. That has always been the joy in my life. I knew that I was a rockstar in the making. It carried over into my photography but not without a few challenges. Covered in tattoos, kicking my foot in doors, determined to be the best damn photographer from the south side of Chicago. I watched my colleagues and I get rejected for publications over and over again. We were always “too much”, but that just made me more determined to always be carrying my camera. It went beyond just making the memories and it became becoming a part of them.

Shortly after getting into marketing and photographing models, I started getting in front of the camera too. What kind of photographer wouldn't? I had to learn to embrace every part of me to show others how to love themselves and experience the joy of connecting your wildest dreams to your greatest memories!

I'm the type of photographer who dances at your wedding. Seriously, one time an awesome mama up in canada danced to “pour some Sugar On Me” with me, I'm a blast at parties.